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ba&sh is a unique brand, a brand which makes people happy. To understand it, you have to live it. For the last 15 years, two friends, Barbara and Sharon, have been reinventing feminine style with an ideal wardrobe. More than just fashion, ba&sh is a state of mind, a unique vision for women who look beautiful and feel good. Diverse collections inspired by travel, music, Paris and women themselves. ba&sh embodies modern, feel-good femininity with Parisian style that has a certain je ne sais quoi. A brand which believes in freedom and being bold; just two of its all-important and everyday values. 

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barbara & sharon.

2 women from Paris, 2 friends who dreamed of the ideal wardrobe. Something new: a brand which would offer all women the freedom to enjoy a beautifully feminine, French look with different and complementary styles. Fundamental.

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As we’ve grown, so has our reach and the mark we stand to make on the world. With all the success we’ve had, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure the well-being of our people, partners, consumers, & of course, the planet. 

That’s why we founded a Blossom, because we just don’t want to grow, we want to grow for good.

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ba&sh x fresh

To celebrate the long-anticipated summertime season, we’ve collaborated with fresh beauty on a limited-edition capsule collection, that blends the best of style and skincare into on-the-go essentials for any and every destination this summer. 

ba&sh x Lemon Tri

ba&sh is committed to Lemon Tri, a social economy company of the social and solidarity economy, approved ESUS and certified B Corp, for the selective collecting and recycling of its waste!

ba&sh interviews!

listen to the interviews of Barbara Boccara, Sharon Krief, Dan Arrouas and Pierre-Arnaud Grenade.

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